The famous African peanut stew

I’m wayyyyy overdue with sharing (and making!) this one. Grimey has been telling me about it for months. It practically has mythical status. She and Edwards made it for us when we were away in North Devon over New Year and, given how totally delicious it is, I can not believe it’s taken me so long to get around to it! I think the recipe actually comes from Grimey’s friend Brighty so, if I have my facts right, thank you Brighty!

I’m going to be lazy and share the recipe as I received it.

Handwritten peanut stew recipe

There you go. Easy.

Serious yum. And it is SO EASY. I used spring greens: for once, the veg box didn’t supply any leafy greens, so the Husb was dispatched to Sainsburys. Spring greens are soooooo cheap, delicious, and usually grown in the UK. Win x 3! Oh and black beans, just because we prefer them. We had ours with bulgar, but a quarter of the above recipe is 329kcals with 11g protein. Add 60g bulgar (uncooked weight) and it comes in at 550kcals and 20g protein. 

So there you have it. Highly recommended, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to tomorrow’s lunch already šŸ™‚ Amusingly, I asked the Husb for my score.  He awarded it 8/10…..but 9/10 when Grimes made it. Humph!

The finished stew served with bulgur wheat

Not the prettiest, but certainly one of the yummiest.



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